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Natural Movement Classes for Infants and Parents are based upon RIE and the work of its founder, Magda Gerber. Our main facilitator, Simone Demarzi, is a RIE Associate with decades of experience in early childhood education.

Nicole Gay, owner and director of Open Air Village (Nature Preschool) is an early childhood educator with a passion for using RIE with children both at work and at home.


for inquiries and registration for Winter Term Infant Natural Movement Classes!

We also offer FREE Childcare for siblings ages 2.5 - 6!

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Mondays, 10:00 - 10:40 am - Winter Term begins February 1 through March 18


"Music Play" is a guided playtime for young children that focuses on music.

Our skillful instructor, Nancy Linebaugh, weaves a variety of short, yet rich, songs and chants to musically "bathe" children in music, the same way children are "bathed" in language.
Infants, toddlers, and their caregivers will enjoy this beautiful, musical class as they learn rhythm, chants, and tones naturally through PLAY!

For more information about the philosophy behind "Music Play" classes, go to

(Gordon Institute for Music Learning), click on "Music Learning Theory,' then "Early Childhood."

7 week term; $105 for one child, $85 for each additional sibling

(Siblings under 6 months free)
SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Maximum of 10 children per class. 

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